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His Last Days

As a way to commemorate Lent, the powerful story of Christ’s last days on earth is presented in this moving musical performance. From His triumphant entry into Jerusalem, the agony in the garden, the crucifixion, to His glorious resurrection, His Last Days invites you to walk with Him on His final journey.

His Last Days has been performed on Good Friday yearly since 1989.

St. James began presenting the musical and the desire to attend and participate in the performance spread quickly across northwest Ohio and into Michigan.
The 2016 Performance of His Last Days at St. James Parish

St. James Choral Group in 2023
St. James Choral Group in 2023
Over the next three decades, the group has presented His Last Days over 200 times to audiences of over 41,700, and traveled a total of over 10,600 miles. Throughout the life of the musical, there have been close to 160 individuals participating in the group—and counting!

Written in 1979 by Dallas Holm, His Last Days would grow into the moving experience it is today. Directed by Ginny Hull, the 45 minute performance reaches across age, denomination, and background in this retelling of the last days of Christ on earth.

The 2024 Cast

Jesus — Bill Daunhauer
Pilate — Adam Daunhauer
Peter — Steve Johnson
Adulterous Woman — Morgan Johnson
Mary — Kim Johnson
Centurion — Butch Bish
Narrator — Jim Hull

2024 Schedule

Time coming soon

Check back for additional information! 

For more information, please contact Ginny Hull.


Ginny Hull
Director, The Kansas St. James Choral Group
6966 N. Twp. Rd. 156
Kansas, Ohio 44841

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